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Who det is? That’s jeh my baby daddy.. Who det is?! That’s jeh my baby daddy!

Lol excuse my little ratchetness, I had to. This is pretty much our relationship; I’m either not fooling with him or elated. I love my little honeyyy to pieces. Been away so long almost messed around and made Haleigh a big sister already 😳 .

lol um let Haleigh pop on out first…😳

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James Brown is directly or indirectly responsible for the creation of about 6 different genres of music but I’ve got to hear about the fucking Beatles everyday.


The Beatles are also indirectly responsible for the creation of James Brown, so…

James Brown: Years active 1954–2006

Beatles: Years active 1960–70

WHAT are you even talking about. This is embarrassing. 

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